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Free Video Guitar Lessons for Everyone!

Free Video Guitar Lessons with easy step-by-step instructions.

- Guitar Solo Video Lessons
- Cool Guitar Riffs
- Guitar Licks and Exercises
- Guitar Scales Videos
- How to Read Guitar Tabs
- Online Guitar Tuner
- Guitar Chord Dictionary
- Guitar Terms and Glossary
- and much more...

Everything you need to get started with your electric guitar. From basic guitar exercises to slow motion guitar solo explanations.

Choose your Next Guitar Lessons!

Vote Here for your favorite guitar riffs, guitar solos, guitar licks and much more and I'll create the next guitar lesson based on the majority of votes.

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Where to begin? Many users begin in the Guitar Tuning area and work themselves through the Guitar Riffs, Exercises, Licks, Chords, Scales and Guitar Solo sections.



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Free Video Guitar Lessons
Summary of our most popular pages:

Guitar Solo Video
Guitar Solo Video Lessons. Step by Step Instructions of Famous Guitar Solos. Suggest your next Solo Lessons.

Cool Guitar Riffs
Learn to play Cool Guitar Riffs with Video and Tabs. Close-up video shots and slow-motion explanation of greatest guitar riffs.

Free Guitar Licks
Free Guitar Licks with Video and Tabs for beginners and advanced players.

Guitar Scales
Basic Guitar Scales with Video and Tabs. Pentatonic, Minor, Major and Blues.

Pentatonic Scale
Video and Tabs Explanations of the 5 Pentatonic Scale Patterns.

Minor Scale
Video and Tabs Explanations of the 7 Minor Scale Patterns.

Major Scale
Video and Tabs Explanations of the 7 Major Scale Patterns.

Blues Scale
Video and Tabs Explanations of the 6 Blues Scale Patterns.

Guitar Exercises
Video and Tablature Guitar Exercises. Easy Step by Step Explanations of Guitar Exercises.

Guitar Chord Dictionary
Basic Guitar Chords Explained. Common Guitar Chord Dictionary.

Suggest Lesson
Suggest Your Next Guitar Lesson. Send me the song or solo you want to learn and I'll create it as a next guitar lesson based on the majority of votes.

Online Guitar Tuner
With the Online Guitar Tuner you can tune your guitar in seconds. Just turn on your speakers and press each note.

How to Read Guitar Tabs
Easy Guitar Tabs Lessons. How to Read Guitar Tabs in seconds.

Guitar Terms and Glossary
Explanations of frequently used guitar terms. Definitions to guitar and music terms. Guitar Glossary and Terminology.

Guitar Influences
Biography of Influential Guitar Players. Personal Favorite Guitar Players. Guitar Influences.

My Equipment
Here is my equipment. Parker Guitar, Marshall Guitar Amplifier, Medium Fender Picks and Monster Cables.

Personal Gallery
Videos and Pictures of my Band in Concert. Pictures of my dad's Studio and Guitar Collection.

Free Online Metronome
Play music and keep your tempo. Free Online Metronome.

Contact Page
Tell me about your experience on this site. How has this site contributed to your growth as a guitarist? How can I improve this site to contribute at a higher level?

Donate to our free video guitar lessons. If you feel we have contributed to your improvement as a guitarist and you are motivated to give back, please donate.

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